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We prepare and film all kind of action scenes. We also provide our knowledge and expertise on storytelling to assist you from the screenplay with scene/action design, choreographies and chases, so they all fit with the tone and intensity of your project.


  • Screenplay / scene study
  • Meeting with director / producers
  • Action Design
  • SFX and VFX evaluation
  • Timming / Costs Optimization


  • Action proposals and choreography
  • Stuntmen selection
  • Scene previz (filmed and edited)
  • Breakdown, planning and coordination


  • Actor's physical and psychological training for action scenes and use of weapons (Coaching)
  • Fights and choreography design
  • Director / Producers guidance


  • Full Second Unit
  • Stuntmen /doubles
  • Weapons and props
  • Special effects – SFX
  • Chases

Who we are

In charge of the unit

José A. Rojo (Stunt coordinator) y Joseba Alfaro (Director) have a long professional career on films, TV series, spots, videoclips and short films. They began their collaboration together more than 10 years ago, and they form a powerful and fluid filming team. Their passion for the media has led them to join up and provide an integral service for shooting action scenes.

They design, plan, film and postproduce commissions for third parties. Besides, their in-house produced projects have been awarded and acknowledged at international festivals and prestigious events around the world.


Write, call or visit us.

+34 610 650 044 / +34 686 308 780

C/ Hermanos Lumiere nº 23, 28500 Arganda del Rey, Madrid (Spain)