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We develop and shoot any action or scene that requires the involvement of stuntmen, use of weapons and/or special effects as impacts, explosions, etc. We also provide our knowledge and expertise on storytelling to advice you from the screenplay with the action design, choreographies or chases, in order to match the tone and intensity of your project with the director’s vision.

We film our stuntmen in our facilities so you can watch the previsualization of your scenes and actions, and we also provide our services as a full SECOND ACTION UNIT on set, developing the breakdowns, planning, direction and coordination.

Our constant goal is innovation, and to be able to offer you new exciting alternatives so your film, advertisement or videoclip achieves the best impact and quality. In the next chart, you can read a resume of the processes in which we can assist you.


  • Screenplay / scene study
  • Meeting with director / producers
  • Action Design
  • SFX and VFX evaluation
  • Timming / Costs Optimization


  • Action proposals and choreography
  • Stuntmen selection
  • Scene previz (filmed and edited)
  • Breakdown, planning and coordination


  • Actor's physical and psychological training for action scenes and use of weapons (Coaching)
  • Fights and choreography design
  • Director / Producers guidance


  • Full Second Unit
  • Stuntmen /doubles
  • Weapons and props
  • Special effects – SFX
  • Chases

One of the keys of our job is to be able to join your crew asap, early in preproduction.

  • Foresee unexpected events.
  • Optimize the resources.
  • Elaborated scene breakdowns.
  • Train you actors.
  • Choose the best stuntmen for your needs.
  • Flow and efficiency on set for all your crew.

Each project is an entire different world and has its own needs and timings. Thus, we adapt the budget relying on your schedules and requirements, in order to reflect the directors’ ideas and, at the same time, train actors and make them feel comfortable with their actions and performances, always in a zero risk environment for all your cast and crew.


Safety for each actor, stuntman or crew member is our priority. This is a hazardous job, and because of that, we maximize security measures in order to prevent any accident or misfortune. Our motto is total safety and we double check each and one by one every single element that takes part in the scene.

A great job requires a great planning. You will be amazed to know how much time, resources and budget you can save bringing in our team soon, and doing a great preproduction work. Thanks to that, we arrive to the location/set with our homework done and with our action crew perfectly ready, each one of them knowing “what”, “when” and “how”.

Also, we maintain close relationship with companies we collaborate in order to complete the filming: tech camera equipment and cranes, drones, vehicles, diving and underwater filming, rigs, animatronics, sets, scenery construction, etc.

Don’t hesitate to write, email or call us to ask any questions.