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José A. Rojo (Stunt coordinator) y Joseba Alfaro (Director) have a long professional career on films, TV series, spots, videoclips and short films. They began their collaboration together more than 10 years ago, and they form a powerful and fluid filming team. Their passion for the media has led them to join up and provide an integral service for shooting action scenes.

They design, plan, film and postproduce all type of action scenes. They do commissions for third parties and also as a full independent second unit. Besides, their in-house produced projects have been awarded and acknowledged at international festivals and prestigious events around the world.

As Second Unit, Last Hero Action Unit delivers consultancy, training, choreography design, planning and shooting of action scenes that involve fights, chases, gunshots, falls, bonzos, and a long etcetera of stunt actions. Their aim is to achieve outstanding results, always with the strongest safety for all crew members and artists.

Their collaborators include companies engaged in tech camera equipment and cranes, vehicles, drones, diving and underwater filming, animatronics, rigs, scenery construction, sets, etc.

José Antonio Rojo

Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman

José Antonio Rojo “Antorcha humana®”, also known as  Txetxu Rojo, has been linked with the world of action cinema for over 20 years. Thanks to his extensive audiovisual background, he has coordinated, being an actor and stunt-double in dozens of films, as well as participated in several international projects for the most prestigious film and advertising companies.

He is the founder chairman of the Asociación Nacional para la Formación del Especialista de Acción and has being teaching stuntmen over 20 years at his own school. He possesses the World Record Guinness® as the stuntmen team with the highest number of live Full Bonzos, and is the only spanish stuntman who catch himself on fire naked, without any protection clothes. He owns both registered trademarks: Antorcha Humana® (Human Torch) and Lucha Escénica® (Scenic Fight).

During his professional career, he has doubled actors, actresses, singers and TV hosts as Paco León, Loquillo, Enma Suárez, Andréu Buenafuente, Gabino Diego, Federico Lupi... Getting to be action and safety coordinator with Jean Claude Van Damme.

"If you can imagine it, we can do it"

Joseba Alfaro

Director, editor, writer

Joseba Alfaro studied Cinematography and various courses related to audiovisual arts. He has worked in films, Tv series and television programs in production companies throughout the country. Because of his extensive editing skills, he meticulously plans the shootings with the "shot for the edit" motto, not wasting time or equipment on unnecessary footage.

Among his projects as director you can find "proof of concept" short films for feature films, filmed in natural exteriors and using all practical special effects possible, combined with CGI and VFX of all kinds (3ds, mattepaintings, keying, particles, etc.). These projects have gained international recognition in hundreds of festivals, and captured the interest of Hollywood producers.

He is currently a professor at the National School of Stunts for Film, and partner of José A. Rojo in LAST HERO ACTION UNIT, while develops in parallel the feature films Blind Bullets and Destroy Madrid, and the TV series Kaplan Investigaciones. If you are also looking for a director or editor in your project, he might be the right one.

"Fiction as way of life"